Saturday, August 4, 2012

Love a GOOD Mail Day!

So I got some good stuff in the mail today! First was my WOD LOVE grab bag stuff I ordered! Didn't know what I was getting...but I LOVE it!

CUTE I workout T-Shirt! In one of my FAV colors! Grey!!
And A Super Cute Wrist band in Black & PINK= Hello <3!!

See Told you! CUTE Stuff!! Check them out at:

And tell them Pink Fit Sent you!


I also got my new *friends* for the next 90 days! Wait for it....

BOOM!!! Shakeology & P90X !!

I cant wait to try these bad boys out! I have heard a lot of great things! Thankful to  Go MOMMY Go for helping me out with this! You can check her out at:
So I cant wait to let you know what I think!! Stay tuned...

XO Pink Fit


  1. I checked out the wonderful WOD site and wondering how you bought the grab bag?? Thanks...lovely site! Excited to follow your journey!

    1. Mrs C
      They were offering it for a short time. You sped $10 - 30 and they pick what you get. Keep watching I think she said they'd be doing it again! Smile XO PF