Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another GREAT Mail day!

So I go to check the mail....guess what!? A package! For ME!! WOOHOO!
What is it?

Oh she knows the way to my Heart already...*TEAM PINK FIT* WHOOT!

So this is just one more reason why I ADORE our little *fitness friends*community! Some of these ladies, well many, I have never even met. But still we connect. Relate and Inspire one another!

This New, SWEET, fitness sister of mine is Kristina F! And look what she sent me........

You guys Remember I JUST posted a picture of this gum because I couldn't find it anywhere!?
I mean HELLO!? Its PINK! And Sugar Free! {PS. Its a personal choice if you chew this gum or not. I am NOT saying this is CLEAN or the best thing since sliced bread. OK maybe it is the best thing since sliced bread! But just know I'm not pushing SF Gum on you *WINK*}

SO now please do yourself a favor and stop on over at:

Check out their AWESOME Fitness page and *LIKE* them!

And Be sure to tell These 2 Fitness Ladies that www.facebook.com/pinkfitt Sent ya!



  1. obsessed with dessert sensations!!! cant wait to try this flavor!!!!

    1. Adina Beth!
      Message me your address on


      and i will share the LOVE if you cant find it :)

  2. I love getting things in the mail! I just got a long awaited package yesterday! woohoo!

  3. Mail day is always fun! Yay!

  4. How awesome! Rainbow Sherbet? I'm going to have to try that!!!