Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drink Click ~ Vanilla Latte~

Ok so I was all set to pour my usual *shake* for breakfast, and I remembered, I had received my Drink Click! So of course I chose the Vanilla first. (Anything Vanilla and I'm in!) So I used crushed ice, poured in about 10oz of water, the Drink Click pack, and shook for about 30 seconds. This is what we are working with...
~Drink Click Vanilla Latte~

So at first I thought ummm NO! But then it grew on me. I mean it does say the "Coffee Lovers protein" and well I'm not really a coffee lover. I mean I am. If it doesn't taste, or resemble, coffee. :) But it did grow on me and it tastes pretty much Just like a vanilla latte. It mixes very easily. Not powdery or clumpy (is that a word?) at all.
It has "15grams of lasting protein, 23 Vitamins and minerals and 120 Calories"

So I say if you LOVE coffee it is worth a try! You can get BOGO on the sample packs if you enter the promo code *BOGO*
Just go to : or find them on Facebook at: and tell them Pink Fit sent you!

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