Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pink Fit Blog

So this is my first post of my new Blog. 
I am a 37 yr old wife, and mommy, of 2 little Boys Logan & Landon.
Finding myself TOO comfortable. I saw a picture of myself that I, not only didn't recognize, but didn't LIKE!
I had always been healthy & active. But fell into the *mommy takes the back burner role*.
I DECIDED No More! Decided that I needed to find me again! I have lost 50lbs so far. With 30 to go!
This is my journey BACK to myself! Just a little girl from TX. With BIG fitness dreams.
So far I am THRILLED with what I'm seeing. Striving to teach to my boys, by example, that they can do ANYTHING they set their minds to.
Ready. Set. GO!