Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Its time to find out the winner of  The Sox Box SOCKS...
SO many entries and I WISH you could all WIN! Heck I wanted to WIN them too! But there are MANY more GIVEAWAYS coming up on my page so stay tuned!

So who wins?
First name gets the *HUNTER/GATHERER *
Second Name Gets *CLEAN/DIRTY*

Congrats to:

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WORD TO YO MOMMA!! Now don't be SAD you can still get you some just head over to The Sox Box and Show them some LOVE and Order you some! I'm personally waiting for the                        
*AMAZE-BALLS/MOMMY* ones to come out! *wink* KIDDING don't get excited I don't think they are making them...but maybe they should!

So stay tuned NEXT giveaway coming up at 3000 LIKES! Its going to be a GOOD one...

~Pink Fit~

WINNERS: The Sox Box will be watching for your email to get you the socks!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

This was my FIRST giveaway! I was SO excited to share with you guys a chance to WIN an AWESOME *Kettle Bell LOVE* Tank from Bashful Bliss and a Pair of #SWEATPINK Laces from Fit Approach!

There was a Great response to this and I'm very excited for MANY more coming up!
Just wanted to thank you all for being here , with me, during this Fitness journey! It really means a lot to me and I Look forward to your posts everyday!

So with that said...let's get a WINNER!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

CONGRATS to Peace, Love, and Low-Carb!! WHOOT! She WINS the KB Tank AND a Pair of #SWEATPINK Laces!!
Kyndra Please email me at: to get instructions on claiming this awesome swag!

You can check out her Blog here: or her facebook page here:

And I Know you all LOVE the tank so be sure to head over to Bashful Bliss to see all of their super CUTE workout gear and Necklaces!
Want to get your Own #SWEATPINK Laces or other SWEATPINK SWAG go check out: Fit Approach

I am a #SWEATPINK Ambassador and am so grateful to be a part of this amazing community of fitness women<3

Please go visit their pages, check out all the amazing things they have to offer and please let her know       Pink Fit Sent you!<3

Please stay tuned for MANY more giveaways! I have a TON of AMAZING SWAG coming up to review & giveaway to YOU!

Pink Fit

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SAY WHAT!? Pink Fit & The Sox Box GIVEAWAY!!

GIVEAWAY TIME! Pink Fit is teamed up with the AMAZE-BALLS *THE SOX BOX*! WHOOT!
Get yourself, one of two pairs, of The Sox Box Socks! What do we win?? How about one of these...
BOOM!!! So are you a Hunter? Or a Gatherer?

OR What about a pair of these...

There are TWO pairs up for grabs so yep 2 WINNERS!
So get yourself entered and SHARE people!

Once you are all entered leave me a comment here how you plan to ROCK these!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

I have found myself so blessed in this little fitness community/family that we have. One of my most FAV pages featured my progress story on her blog today for *Monday Mommy Transformations*. You can see it here:

I feel honored and Scared. Hello! Jog bra progress pictures can be VERY scary! 
Like when you were 6 watching Friday the 13th scary! OK hopefully I wasn't watching that when I was 6...but you get where I'm going *wink*

Just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to my friend Lindsey Murray, and fellow SWEATPINK sister, for posting my story! 

You should do yourself a favor and check out her FB page here:
please show her some LOVE!

and her Blog here:

I am SO happy to be on this journey with each and every one of you! LET'S DO THIS!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Bashful Bliss & SweatPINK giveaway!

<3 I have paired up with the AMAZING company Bashful Bliss! <3

First up for grabs is a Bashful Bliss PINK Kettle bell LOVE Tank!
Check it OUT!

here is an up close picture of the Tank:
 Check out their page here:

When you LIKE their page to enter...Please let them Know that PINK FIT sent you!

AND A pair of #SWEATPINK shoe laces!

I am a SWEATPINK Ambassador and so I have some PINK swag to share!
"We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes."

Check them out!

So Get entered!
AND SHARE the giveaway and have your peeps let me know that YOU sent them my way ,to Pink Fitt on facebook, You know where to find me :)...HERE-

 Because I LOVE to receive but LOVE even more to GIVE! <3

Good LUCK!
 XO Pink Fit

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


So I have been looking for new ways to amp up my nutrition! Like eating REAL food. Cutting out the last of the processed. Looking for more energy. More get up and GO!
SO I have been looking for CHIA seeds. Looking all over the place. OK not all over, but I did look. So today I ordered some! 
If you haven't already, you should check out
They always have super deals and you get a $10 off coupon when you register! So there is your first bag of Chia seeds for free! Yes you're welcome! *wink*

So Many amazing benefits from these little guys. Don't know what they are? I found this great informative Page.
Click here:

Here is just a taste of what Chia will do for you:

What are some other benefits of eating Chia? 

  • Provides energy
  • Boosts strength
  • Bolsters endurance
  • Levels blood sugar
  • Induces weight Loss
  • Aids intestinal regularity  

  • Did I peak your curiosity? I know mine is. I have found this great site/page. This girl is in FAB shape. She makes these amazing #POWERBOWLS filled with #REALFOOD. #RAW. and it all looks amazing.

    Go check her out here:
    or Here:

    Go ahead. I'll wait for you. Her Page is that good!

    SEE! Now tell me you don't want to make everything in her pictures! I know I do. So I'm starting with the Chia Porridge. And the #POWERCAKES. I will absolutely let you know what i think. In the meantime anyone else in LOVE with Chia? Care to share some of your recipes or ideas that you love.

    So this is my start. Another #GOAL added. More #RAW in to my diet. And adding some Chia seeds in there too. I *think* I'm going to LOVE it!
    XO ~PF~

    Friday, August 10, 2012

    Winner! Winner Chicken Dinner!

    So It has been the BEST Mail Week ever!
    So The doorbell rings and there is another package!

    A week or so ago I Won a giveaway with  My Mostly Healthy Life & Peter Pauper Press.
     I was excited to see if this was it.

    It was!
     It's just the Coolest Nutrition & Fitness journal ever! It has Places for your Daily Food Log, Fitness Log, Total Calories, total burned and lots of resources. Also has a big list of the nutritional facts for popular foods.

    Lets check it out!

    This is the front. Take a look at the inside...

    SEE! SO nifty! I cant wait to put this to use!

    So do you use a food journal? Do you find it helps? Let me know what works for you!

    In the meantime if you want one for yourself head on over to:

    Also be sure to check out My Mostly Healthy Life's Blog at:

    And please be sure to tell them Both that Pink Fit Sent you!

    Eat Clean & Train Mean
    XO Pink Fit

    Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Another GREAT Mail day!

    So I go to check the mail....guess what!? A package! For ME!! WOOHOO!
    What is it?

    Oh she knows the way to my Heart already...*TEAM PINK FIT* WHOOT!

    So this is just one more reason why I ADORE our little *fitness friends*community! Some of these ladies, well many, I have never even met. But still we connect. Relate and Inspire one another!

    This New, SWEET, fitness sister of mine is Kristina F! And look what she sent me........

    You guys Remember I JUST posted a picture of this gum because I couldn't find it anywhere!?
    I mean HELLO!? Its PINK! And Sugar Free! {PS. Its a personal choice if you chew this gum or not. I am NOT saying this is CLEAN or the best thing since sliced bread. OK maybe it is the best thing since sliced bread! But just know I'm not pushing SF Gum on you *WINK*}

    SO now please do yourself a favor and stop on over at:

    Check out their AWESOME Fitness page and *LIKE* them!

    And Be sure to tell These 2 Fitness Ladies that Sent ya!

    XO ~PF~

    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Love a GOOD Mail Day!

    So I got some good stuff in the mail today! First was my WOD LOVE grab bag stuff I ordered! Didn't know what I was getting...but I LOVE it!

    CUTE I workout T-Shirt! In one of my FAV colors! Grey!!
    And A Super Cute Wrist band in Black & PINK= Hello <3!!

    See Told you! CUTE Stuff!! Check them out at:

    And tell them Pink Fit Sent you!


    I also got my new *friends* for the next 90 days! Wait for it....

    BOOM!!! Shakeology & P90X !!

    I cant wait to try these bad boys out! I have heard a lot of great things! Thankful to  Go MOMMY Go for helping me out with this! You can check her out at:
    So I cant wait to let you know what I think!! Stay tuned...

    XO Pink Fit

    So I wanted to share with you guys one of my most FAV places to go to for workout gear!
    Fire Daughter Clothing! If you haven't checked her out. You Should! She has the BEST, fun and fresh, Motivating tanks!
    It doesn't hurt a bit that she is GORGEOUS and WAY FIT!
    SEE! Told you!

    So go check her out here:

    or here

    Later's baby!

    If you check her out and LOVE her. And you will! Tell her  Pink Fit sent you!

    Drink Click ~ Vanilla Latte~

    Ok so I was all set to pour my usual *shake* for breakfast, and I remembered, I had received my Drink Click! So of course I chose the Vanilla first. (Anything Vanilla and I'm in!) So I used crushed ice, poured in about 10oz of water, the Drink Click pack, and shook for about 30 seconds. This is what we are working with...
    ~Drink Click Vanilla Latte~

    So at first I thought ummm NO! But then it grew on me. I mean it does say the "Coffee Lovers protein" and well I'm not really a coffee lover. I mean I am. If it doesn't taste, or resemble, coffee. :) But it did grow on me and it tastes pretty much Just like a vanilla latte. It mixes very easily. Not powdery or clumpy (is that a word?) at all.
    It has "15grams of lasting protein, 23 Vitamins and minerals and 120 Calories"

    So I say if you LOVE coffee it is worth a try! You can get BOGO on the sample packs if you enter the promo code *BOGO*
    Just go to : or find them on Facebook at: and tell them Pink Fit sent you!

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    Drink Click!

    Look what came in the mail! I am pretty excited to try it out tomorrow! I will post a review once I've tried them both!

    Anyone else tried it? Thoughts?
    XO Pink Fit

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    August GOALS!

    Its August! Day 1.
    So New month mean New goals. So what are they? Simple. 10lbs GONE and add muscle. Easy right!? For me I have to set small goals. Instead of thinking UGH 30 more lbs. I do 10 lbs at a time! Seems more obtainable! Then just meet that goal & repeat! This is what helps me not get overwhelmed or just plain throw in the towel. My brain is usually ALL or NOTHING. I have to teach myself to think in small bits. So this is my August Goal. TEN POUNDS. MORE MUSCLE.
    Ready. Set. GO!!!