Saturday, August 11, 2012


So I have been looking for new ways to amp up my nutrition! Like eating REAL food. Cutting out the last of the processed. Looking for more energy. More get up and GO!
SO I have been looking for CHIA seeds. Looking all over the place. OK not all over, but I did look. So today I ordered some! 
If you haven't already, you should check out
They always have super deals and you get a $10 off coupon when you register! So there is your first bag of Chia seeds for free! Yes you're welcome! *wink*

So Many amazing benefits from these little guys. Don't know what they are? I found this great informative Page.
Click here:

Here is just a taste of what Chia will do for you:

What are some other benefits of eating Chia? 

  • Provides energy
  • Boosts strength
  • Bolsters endurance
  • Levels blood sugar
  • Induces weight Loss
  • Aids intestinal regularity  

  • Did I peak your curiosity? I know mine is. I have found this great site/page. This girl is in FAB shape. She makes these amazing #POWERBOWLS filled with #REALFOOD. #RAW. and it all looks amazing.

    Go check her out here:
    or Here:

    Go ahead. I'll wait for you. Her Page is that good!

    SEE! Now tell me you don't want to make everything in her pictures! I know I do. So I'm starting with the Chia Porridge. And the #POWERCAKES. I will absolutely let you know what i think. In the meantime anyone else in LOVE with Chia? Care to share some of your recipes or ideas that you love.

    So this is my start. Another #GOAL added. More #RAW in to my diet. And adding some Chia seeds in there too. I *think* I'm going to LOVE it!
    XO ~PF~

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    1. I love chia. I add it to my yogurt, smoothies and water sometimes. Will have to check out the sites you suggested!