Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PINK FIT's **What's In My Gym Bag GIVEAWAY! **

This is going to be HUGE! SO many AWESOME things up for grabs! More than One winner & A PINK Backpack LOADED with all my FAV things! (Kind of makes me feel like Oprah *wink) I have made it simple! Just go follow the rafflecopter area and start LIKE/LOVING! There will little extra things in there too! Filled to the brim people!! WOOT!!

So now let's see what all , amaze-balls things are going to be inside the PINK backpack!

So whats up for grabs:

1st Step Pro Wellness Supplements! (Chocolate protein powder, A few of the single serving packets protein, 2, twin packs of the B-12, a coconut water, & chromium)

Krusht Gear Tanks (yep it's plural.....oh yeah!)

krave jerky

paleo treats! (These will be sent to the winner straight from the Paleo treats people to ensure freshness!) SO GOOD!!!

SWEATPINK Laces from Fit Approach (Who doesn't LOVE PINK!) It'll make you run faster! *wink*

Scentsy Circles for your Gym Bag or locker! (Keep your gear fresh)

TOUGH TATA's SOX From The Sox Box (PINK and AMAZE-Balls!! Thank you Athena)

and SO MUCH MORE!! These are the big will be shocked at how much its up for grabs!!!

Will have more than one winner.......#WINNING!

Now get to it! Be sure to leave me a blog post,and follow while you are here, ;)  when all your duties are done & which product you most excited to try!

Pink Fit

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